Press Releases INDIGO Biosciences Releases Assay for Human Tumor Protein P53

INDIGO Biosciences Releases Assay for Human Tumor Protein P53

Cell-Based P53 Reporter Assay Provides Insight for Pre-Clinical Cancer Drug Discovery

State College, PA (September 27, 2022) – INDIGO Biosciences announced today the addition of a new cell-based luciferase reporter assay for Human Tumor Protein P53. The new assay is part of INDIGO’s portfolio of assays for cancer research. The bioscience company’s cell-based luciferase reporter assays are especially useful during the cancer drug discovery process where they allow researchers to evaluate compounds with the potential to become therapeutic drugs.

“In terms of biological function, P53 is related to other transcription factors such as AP-1, NF-kB, Nrf2, and NFAT, all of which respond to cellular stress and inflammation,” explains Dr. Jack Vanden Heuvel, INDIGO’s Chief Scientific Officer. “P53 is also affected by the function of various growth factors since they signal through P53 to determine cell fate. This makes INDIGO’s new P53 assay valuable for researchers who want to understand how a potential compound affects cellular stress and toxicology pathways along with any potential off-target effects such as drug-drug interactions.”

Bar graph showing the activation of p53 in indigo biosciences assay

P53 is frequently referred to as the “guardian of the genome” due to its ability to limit the accumulation of DNA damage by responding to cellular stress and as a regulator of the cell cycle. When activated by factors such as ionizing radiation and other mutagens, hypoxia, and nutrient deprivation, P53 can regulate genes that signal a cell to undergo apoptosis (cell death), senescence (cessation of division), or DNA repair. In this way, it helps to protect the genome and prevent formation of cancer.

INDIGO’s P53 assay kit is all-inclusive, offering everything needed to perform the assay to quantify any functional activity that a compound may exert against human P53. This includes P53 Reporter Cells, optimized media for use during cell culture and in diluting test samples, a reference P53 activator, Luciferase Detection Reagent, two cell culture-ready assay plates, and a detailed protocol. This allows researchers to obtain results quickly since there is no need to procure components from multiple sources or to transfect and propagate cells.

INDIGO’s assay kit is available in a 2 x 48 format allowing researchers to screen small numbers of test compounds as well as custom bulk reagents for high throughput screening applications. INDIGO can also perform the assay in its own lab as a service for researchers.

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