Press Releases INDIGO Offers NF-κB Assay Systems

INDIGO Offers NF-κB Assay Systems

New Assay Critical to the Study of the Human Immune Responses and Cancers

State College, PA (October 16, 2014) – INDIGO Biosciences, a leading provider of nuclear receptor products and services announced today that it has released a new nuclear factor kappa-light-chain enhancer of activated B cells (NF-κB) assay system. Three different assay kit formats are available.

NF-κB is a transcription factor that, upon activation, plays a critical role in regulating gene expression that drive innate and acquired immune responses, as well as cellular stress responses, apoptosis, proliferation and differentiation. Dysfunction of NF-κB is associated with many disorders, including cancer and autoimmune diseases. NF-κB has long been recognized as a preeminent target for the development of anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer drugs.

“The Principle application of INDIGO’s NF-kB assay system is in the screening of novel small molecule compounds to quantify any functional activities that they may exert to modulate, either induce or suppress, NF-κB activities,” said Dr. Jack Vanden Heuvel, Chief Scientific Officer. “Our assays contain the luciferase reporter gene functionality linked to upstream NF-κB genetic response elements.”

INDIGO’s cell-based NF-κB assay kits are all-inclusive, assay systems. In addition to NF-κB Reporter Cells, kits provide optimized media for use during cell culture and in diluting user test samples, a positive control activator of NF-κB, Luciferase Detection Reagent, and a cell culture-ready assay plate NF-κB Assay kits are available in 96-well, 3×32-well, and 384-well assay formats.

INDIGO offers a comprehensive menu of nuclear receptor screening products and services, as well as non-human nuclear receptor assays, functional assays and custom assay development. All of INDIGO’s reporter cells are prepared using their proprietary CryoMite™ process, which provides long-term cryo-preservation of cells for shipping and storage, allowing on-demand use of the products in their customers’ labs.

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