Nuclear Receptor Assay Kits: Extensive Selection and Quick Turnarounds

Accelerate decisions at the bench and for your business with our assays. No cell culture required. With the world's largest library of nuclear receptor assays, you can:

Profile chemical effects on a specific nuclear receptor or full panels in days.

Unravel agonist and antagonist potentials of known and new substances quickly.

Evaluate your compounds' efficacy, potency, and selectivity in record time.

Easily perform cross-species comparisons with our ortholog kits.


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Ortholog Assays: Maximize the Potential of Animal Studies

While commonly used to assess chemical interactions with our biological systems, animal studies pose many challenges, significantly slowing down drug candidates' development and delaying clinical trials. Conscious of the issue and lack of solutions, INDIGO Biosciences designed and validated more than 40 ortholog nuclear receptor assays covering the most common laboratory animals, including rats, mice, dogs, monkeys, rabbits, and zebrafish.

Through this unique ortholog assay portfolio, INDIGO facilitates cross-species comparisons, helping researchers select the most representative human-surrogate animal model and efficiently interpret results from subsequent animal trials. Assessing drug-specific differences in the activities of ortholog receptors relative to their corresponding human receptors is now possible in just a matter of days.

With our selection of ortholog assays, screen the right animal before trial, and interpret your data confidently. Leave nothing to chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each kit includes luciferase reporter cells, an assay plate, all required reagents (optimized culture media, positive-control agonist, and detection reagent), and a detailed Technical Manual. A luminometer is required for Relative Light Unit (RLU) measurements.

INDIGO's Nuclear Receptor Assay Kits use transiently transfected cells, less prone to genetic drift and batch-to-batch variations. Moreover, they do not require cell culture, significantly reducing time and contamination risks. Simply thaw the reporter cells, and you are ready to perform the assay.

INDIGO's Nuclear Receptor Assay Kits are not for diagnostic purposes.

Luciferase Reporter Cells are single-use reagents, regardless of the assay format. Once thawed, Reporter Cells can not be refrozen or reused. Assay kits provide sufficient extra volumes of all reagents to accommodate the needs of performing mechanical transfers and test compound dilutions. However, extra volumes of reporter cells and Luciferase Detection Reagent should be discarded after each assay set-up.

INDIGO's assays are luminescence-based, not fluorescence-based. Therefore, one does not designate specific wavelengths (or filters of any kind) when reading in luminescence mode. Total photon emission is quantified.

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