INDIGO Biosciences: Accelerating Scientific Decisions

Uncover the driving forces behind our reporter assays and innovative in vitro solutions!

Our Mission: Accelerating Scientific Discovery

We are on a mission to accelerate scientific decision-making through innovative products, exceptional services, and expert support.

Our Vision: Actively Contribute To Forging A Brighter Future

We provide the scientific community with innovative assays to expedite research, leading to better medicines, safer chemicals, and a cleaner environment.

Our Core Values: Integrity, Innovation, Respect, Accountability, and Support

  • Integrity: We commit to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in our business and scientific interactions to build a foundation of trust with our stakeholders.
  • Innovation: We embrace a culture of creativity and forward thinking to develop best in class products and services.
  • Respect: We foster an inclusive environment and treat every individual with dignity and fairness, valuing each team member's contributions.
  • Accountability: We take ownership of our actions and decisions to serve our customers in their best interest.
  • Support: We place our customers at the heart of everything we do to understand their unique needs and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.

Our Team

INDIGO Biosciences is led by a dedicated team of professionals with extensive and diverse experience in various aspects of the life sciences, business management, and operations.

Our History: Improving Your Efficiency for Over 20 Years

INDIGO was founded in 2005 at State College, PA, by Dr. Jack Vanden Heuvel and Dr. Blake Peterson.

Our original focus was that of a traditional contract research organization, namely, to offer custom services for the in vitro screening of small molecule compounds against functional human and non-human nuclear receptors. Over the years, we successfully provided quality screening services to clients within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, agriculture, and nutraceutical industries, as well as government research agencies and academic researchers.

Only a few years after INDIGO's creation, we succeeded in developing a unique and superior processing method to cryo-preserve nuclear receptor reporter cells. This proprietary process, called CryoMite, provided the ability to cryo-preserve cells used in screening services for shipping and long-term storage, resulting in the development of INDIGO's flagship all-inclusive assay kits and allowing clients to use our robust cell-based reporter assays within their own labs.

In addition to the CryoMite process, we continuously develop new cell-based reporter assays and optimize our existing assays for use in new applications and areas of research.

Every day, our team does its utmost to provide scientists with innovative assays and solutions to fulfill our mission: accelerate scientific decision-making.

What Our Customers Say

"They're one of the best suppliers that we've worked with by far. They were very communicative as far as getting us the reagents we needed quickly."


Principal Scientist

"I feel like they prioritize us just as much as we prioritize getting the data, which is very nice."


Principal Scientist

"In terms of the CROs that I typically deal with, INDIGO is a lot more responsive than some of the other ones…"