About Us

INDIGO Biosciences, Inc. is a leading provider of nuclear receptor and in vitro toxicology solutions that accelerate scientific decision-making. We have been providing screening services and turnkey reporter assay kits to companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, agriculture, and nutraceutical industries, as well as government agencies and academic researchers for over 15 years. We supplement the world’s largest portfolio of nuclear receptor assay kits and services and in vitro toxicology solutions with greater results readability, reproducibility, and faster turnaround times. Our solutions, plus supportive team and reliable science and platforms, aim to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with the discovery process.

  • Largest Portfolio of Nuclear Receptor Reporter Assays
  • Clear, Reproducible Results
  • Team Committed to Your Study’s Success
  • Fast Lab Results for Accelerated Decision-Making
  • Reliable Science, Platforms, & People

Two scientists examining scientific equipmentOur Mission

To accelerate scientific decision-making throughout the discovery process using innovative products and services and expert support.
Two scientists examining scientific equipment

Our History

INDIGO was founded in 2005 in State College, PA by Dr. Jack Vanden Heuvel and Dr. Blake Peterson. The founders leveraged their collective expertise in nuclear receptor biology, toxicology, medicinal chemistry, and molecular biology to establish the core platform technology of the Company. INDIGO’s original focus was that of a traditional contract research organization, namely, to provide custom services for the in vitro screening of small molecule compounds against functional human and non-human nuclear receptors.

Over the years, INDIGO demonstrated success in providing quality screening services to clients within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, agriculture, and nutraceutical industries, as well as government research agencies and academic researchers. However, in 2008 the Company’s mission changed dramatically upon the successful development of a unique and superior processing method to cryo-preserve its nuclear receptor reporter cells. This proprietary process, called CryoMite™ provided INDIGO with the ability to cryo-preserve cells used in screening services for shipping and long-term storage, thus allowing INDIGO the ability to create all-inclusive assay kits. This allowed clients to be able to use the same robust cell-based reporter assays used at INDIGO within their own labs.

Since developing the CryoMite™ process, INDIGO has continued to fulfill its mission accelerate scientific decision-making throughout the discovery process by developing and offering innovative nuclear receptors assays, as well as expanding our portfolio to include non-nuclear receptors and in vitro toxicology solutions. Learn more about why organizations around the globe choose INDIGO for nuclear receptor and toxicology solutions.