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Reporter Assay Services

Rapidly obtain clear screening data for pharmaceutical compounds, chemicals, or environmental samples to gain a comprehensive overview of their activity on key biological receptors.

Scientist pipetting a sample into a test tube

Gene Expression Profiling

Reliably investigate compounds’ effects on metabolic activities with validated qPCR primers targeting clinically relevant CYP enzymes.

Scientist viewing a sample on a dissection microscope

In Vitro Toxicity Testing

Gain insight into drug candidates, chemicals, and environmental contaminants by quickly assessing their possible hepatotoxicity.

Scientist a placing microcentrifuge tube into a rack within a machine.

Luminescent Cell Viability Testing

Unravel mitogenic, cytostatic, and cytotoxic potentials of your compounds to ensure cell health.

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Custom Assay Development

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Contact our expert team to design custom assay solutions that meet your research needs.

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Thanks to our high-quality and cost-effective cell-based assay services, we always find the answer you need within your budget and timeline.


Fast Delivery & Comprehensive Reports

Send your samples now and gain access to crucial data and detailed reports in record time. Start making better-informed scientific decisions today.


Committed Team of Experts

Readily available, our highly qualified PhD-level scientific team provides comprehensive data reviews to maximize your results.

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