Luciferase Reporter Assay Platform for Superior Sensitivity

Say goodbye to weeks of cell culture and optimization and achieve superior sensitivity with INDIGO’s Luciferase Reporter Assays, designed to generate quality data within 24 hours.


Superior Sensitivity and Selectivity

INDIGO’s robust Luciferase Reporter Assays are optimized to provide extreme sensitivity with minimal risk of background noise.

High Reproducibility and Repeatability

Generate highly reproducible, repeatable data and move your screening project forward with confidence.

Reliable Quantitative Measurements

Easily measure your signal and accurately quantify changes in activity of your receptor of interest.

Your Results, Only 24 Hours Away

Make decisions faster by bringing our luciferase technology into your workflow. Through four simple steps, you can get the insights you need within 24 hours! Our Luciferase Receptor Reporter Assay Kits contain reporter cells transfected with the luciferase reporter gene and your receptor of interest. Try the INDIGO way, as easy as Thaw, Feed, Dose, and Read!


Our cryopreserved reporter cells and assay reagents are ready to ship via overnight delivery. Once thawed, our cells are ready for immediate use with no need for intermediate spin-and-wash steps, viability determinations, or cell titer adjustments.

Our simple protocol gets you results in as little as 24 hours!

See Our Ready-to-use Luciferase Receptor Assay Kits in Action

Perform Luciferase Reporter Assays quickly and accurately with INDIGO Biosciences’ easy-to-use Kits. This video provides an overview of our 96-well format kits, including unpacking and storing contents, setting up and performing the assay, as well as data analysis.


*Please note, this video is for INDIGO’s non-pre-incubation assays. INDIGO’s pre-incubation assays involve minor but crucial additional Day 1 steps and different dispensed volumes. Always refer to your Technical Manual (included in all kit shipments) for the most up-to-date information and proper technique.

Three Assay Formats to Meet Your Needs

Our all-inclusive Luciferase Receptor Assays are available in three different formats, containing ready-to-use reporter cells, all required reagents (optimized culture media, positive-control agonist, and detection reagent), as well as a detailed Technical Manual.

3x 32 Assays The 3x 32 assays format is optimal to perform three distinct groups of 32 assays.
Each group will comprise 32 Luciferase Reporter Assays, and will utilize four 8-well strips affixed to a 96-well frame (provided).
1x 96-well Assay The 1x 96-well assay format is intended for users wishing to dedicate one entire 96-well plate to performing Luciferase Reporter Assays.
1x 384-well Assay The 1x 384-well assay format is intended for users wishing to dedicate one entire 384-well plate to performing Luciferase Reporter Assays.
Bulk volumes of assay reagents may be custom manufactured to accommodate any scale of High Throughput Screening (HTS). Contact us.

The Secret to INDIGO’s Luciferase Receptor Assay Kits’ Performance


INDIGO’s Highly Selective and Sensitive Luciferase Reporter Technology

INDIGO’s assays use Luciferase Reporter Technology, a light emission method designed for unparalleled sensitivity, selectivity, and dynamic range.

Our Luciferase Reporter Cells incorporate cDNA encoding luciferase, a 62 kD protein from the North American firefly (Photinus pyralis). Luciferase catalyzes the oxidation of D-luciferin, resulting in light production, quantifiable using a luminometer and reported in Relative Light Units (RLU’s).

In INDIGO’s Assays, luciferase transcription is triggered by activating a specific receptor, lowering off-target risks and unlocking superior selectivity. A test compound binds to the receptor if biologically active, inducing quantifiable luciferase expression.

With our highly sensitive, selective, and cell-culture-free Luciferase Reporter Assays, you can confidently screen test compounds for agonist or antagonist activities in record time.


All INDIGO reporter assay kits incorporate INDIGlo Luciferase Detection Reagent (LDR), a detection solution specially formulated to provide long-lived luminescence signal.

Our unique formula allows for stable light emission between 5 and 90+ minutes after the initial luciferase reaction. INDIGlo LDR eliminates the need for a luminometer equipped with injectors and allows plates to be processed quickly in batches.

INDIGlo LDR offers versatility from 96- to 1536-well assay plates. Simply adjust the concentration to your setup preference with our Dilution Buffer, provided with your kits.

Generate results confidently with INDIGlo LDR, optimized for generating robust luminescence signals and offering sensitive quantification of expressed luciferase activities.


Long-Term Cell Preservation with INDIGO’s Proprietary CryoMite™ Process

All INDIGO Biosciences’ Luciferase Reporter Assays feature engineered receptor-specific reporter cells prepared using the proprietary CryoMite™ process. Our cryopreservation process enables the long-term preservation of our unique reporter cells.

Get your cryopreserved Luciferase Reporter Assay Kits overnight and start generating reliable data in record time. Last minute change? Just store your kits at -80°C for easy access.

Transiently Transfected Cells

Transiently Transfected Cells for More Reliable and Accurate Data

INDIGO Biosciences’ reporter cells use transient transfection to ensure reliable and accurate results. Our cells are optimized to provide the best experimental conditions with the reagents provided in our kits, allowing for easy experiment standardization and reproducibility.

Additionally, there is no need for costly licensing agreements when purchasing and using stable cell lines.

Applications for INDIGO’s Luciferase Reporter Assays


Drug Discovery

Streamline the drug discovery process with INDIGO’s Luciferase Reporter Assays and develop safer, more effective pharmaceutical agents in record time.


Environmental Testing

Effectively assess the toxicity of new chemicals, contaminants of emerging concern, and their cumulative effects on the environment with INDIGO’s Luciferase Reporter Assays.


Disease State Targets

Quickly gain insights into the mechanisms underlying the involvement of key receptors in various diseases with INDIGO’s comprehensive Luciferase Reporter Assays portfolio.

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