Nuclear Receptor Disease State Targets

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Harness Polypharmacology to Improve the Potential for Clinical Efficacy

Advances in systems biology are revealing a phenotypic robustness and a network structure that strongly suggests that exquisitely selective compounds, compared with multi-target drugs, may exhibit lower than desired clinical efficacy. This new appreciation of the role of polypharmacology has significant implications for the two major sources of attrition in drug development, efficacy, and toxicity. Thus defining the biological niche of each receptor as well as understanding overlapping pathways and functions provides valuable context for evaluating a compound’s liabilities and promise.

Defining the system that each receptor participates in can be approached in several ways, such as sequence similarity, potential disease implication, or transcriptional networks. By choosing a select group of receptors to study based on disease state, it is possible to better understand the biological effects of your compounds. With INDIGO's extensive portfolio of receptor assays, you can design your own panel based on a disease state or talk to our experts to assist in developing a plan of study.

Applications for INDIGO’s Luciferase Reporter Assays


Rapidly evaluate the efficacy and safety profile of a drug candidate with INDIGO’s Reporter Assay Services and streamline the development process to safer, more effective pharmaceutical agents.


Effectively screen environmental samples, with INDIGO’s Reporter Assay Services and actively contribute to building a safer environment.


Quickly gain insights into the mechanisms underlying the involvement of key receptors in various diseases with INDIGO’s Reporter Assay Services.

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