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Environmental Monitoring Solutions

INDIGO’s effects-based bioassay solutions compliment traditional analytical chemistry approaches for the examination of water quality and can help protect human and environmental health.

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Nuclear Receptor Assays

Our Nuclear Receptor Assay products are cell-based reporter assay systems that feature engineered nuclear receptor-specific reporter cells prepared using our unique CryoMite™ process. Our nuclear receptor reporter assays are optimally configured for processing in 96- and 384- well format assay plates. Single plate kits (3x 32-, 1x 96-, and 1x 384-well) are offered as all-inclusive assay systems, including nuclear receptor reporter cells, an assay plate, all required reagents, and detailed technical manual. Get what you need from the world’s largest portfolio of nuclear receptor assays.

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In Vitro Toxicology Platform

Our In Vitro Toxicology platform meets the increasing demand for more predictive models for liver toxicity due to the fact that hepatotoxicity remains a major reason for drug withdrawal from pharmaceutical development and clinical use. A primary application of this platform is to screen chemicals for induction and activity of hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes (DME). The platform utilizes upcyte® human liver cells to assess chemical and drug-induced toxicity. Learn about our In Vitro Toxicology platform featuring predictive liver toxicity models.

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