Custom Assay Development

Don’t see the exact receptor you are looking for? Looking to assay a receptor, but in a specific cell line? Contact our team of specialists and design a custom assay tailored to your needs.

Loading test samples into a multiwell reaction plate

Examples of Custom Reporter Assay Development Services Available


Custom Receptor Assay

Interested in a human receptor that is not in our current portfolio? We can develop and optimize an assay kit to be utilized in your laboratory or conducted as a service in ours.


Ortholog Receptor Assay

Don't see the receptor you need in a particular animal model to contrast human receptor activity? Our services lab can clone and optimize an assay for your research.


Receptor Assay in a Specific Cell Line

INDIGO’s team has optimized its reporter assays in a particular cell line, which vary depending on the receptor. If this cell line is not where you need your information, let INDIGO’s staff know and we can develop and optimize the appropriate conditions.

Get Started in Three Simple Steps

Design your next study rapidly and confidently with our expert team.


Step 1: Request a Custom Assay Development Quote in One Click

Fill out a Request a Quote form and tell us more about your custom assay and objectives.


Step 2: Design Your Custom Assay with Our Scientists

Meet with our team and discuss the assay design you need and if we can help.

Receive your custom quote.


Step 3: Run Your Samples and Get Your Results

After the new assay is developed, order your new assay kits to perform in your lab, or have our scientists run the assay for you!

Transform your vision into clear results today.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

“These assays don’t require any optimization as far as growth conditions of the cells…you thaw the cells, treat them, and get an IC50 or an activity readout the next day, which is very convenient.”


Principal Scientist

“In terms of the CROs that I typically deal with, INDIGO is a lot more responsive than some of the other ones…”



“Indigo Biosciences is making experiment design simple to navigate and easy to tailor depending on your needs.”


Associate Director

Applications for INDIGO’s Luciferase Reporter Assays


Rapidly evaluate the efficacy and safety profile of a drug candidate with INDIGO’s Reporter Assay Services and streamline the development process to safer, more effective pharmaceutical agents.


Effectively screen environmental samples, with INDIGO’s Reporter Assay Services and actively contribute to building a safer environment.


Quickly gain insights into the mechanisms underlying the involvement of key receptors in various diseases with INDIGO’s Reporter Assay Services.