Product Policies

INDIGO Biosciences Shipping, Returns, Refunds Policies

Our goal is to supply you convenient and cost-effective nuclear receptor assays in perfect condition. If this is not your experience, please contact us immediately.


The integrity of all shipped products is guaranteed by INDIGO Biosciences. Product deliveries will not be scheduled for Saturday through Monday in order to ensure product integrity.

Deliveries Within Continental United States

Products shipped on dry ice or wet ice will be shipped Monday through Thursday for next-day delivery anywhere in the continental United States.

Deliveries To Alaska or Hawaii

Dry-iced shipments to Alaska or Hawaii may require two-day delivery.

Shipping Ambient Temperature Products

Products shipped at ambient temperature may be shipped by 2-3 day delivery.

International Shipping

Most International markets are served by leading distributors. Customers outside the USA and Canada should contact their local distributor or contact INDIGO to find a local distributor. Services customers may be served directly by INDIGO. At this time, INDIGO Biosciences reserves the right to decline direct orders with international delivery destinations.


Because INDIGO Biosciences’ products are highly temperature sensitive and require specialized packaging and shipping procedures, please DO NOT return products unless directed to do so by INDIGO Biosciences. If you receive a damaged or defective product, please contact us immediately for assistance.


Due to the nature of INDIGO Biosciences products, all sales are final and we are not able to issue refunds. Compromised products will be replaced or credited, as appropriate, at the discretion of INDIGO Biosciences once their condition has been verified.

Damaged Products

If products are delivered in a physically damaged or thawed condition, please contact INDIGO Biosciences Customer Services immediately.

Defective Products

If the product is deemed to be defective, please contact INDIGO Biosciences Customer Services immediately.

Order Cancellation

At the time a product’s shipping container is logged by the delivery service, a customer’s order is considered to be irrevocable. Orders may be canceled up until the time they are received by INDIGO Biosciences’ delivery service.