Simple & Effective Solutions for Accelerating Drug Discovery

Run our full portfolio of receptor assays for a comprehensive overview of your therapeutic candidates, or focus on a single receptor assay to rapidly supplement your existing data. Shorten your hands-on time in the lab with our reporter assays, and get clear results within days! No cell culture required.

With INDIGO’s effective and affordable in vitro solutions, streamline your drug discovery process and develop first-in-class medicines in record time.

Perform Quick Compound

Perform Quick Compound Evaluation with a Customized Drug Discovery Panel

Analyze your drug candidates using a drug discovery panel, and rapidly access essential information including:

  • On- and off-target effects.
  • Activity in agonist, inverse-agonist, or antagonist modes.
  • Efficacy and EC50/IC50 values.

Directly in your lab or through our services, get the most comprehensive data for your investment with quick turnaround times.

Avoid unnecessary steps backward and get promising leads to the next phase of drug discovery faster!

Simplify Your Cross-Species Comparisons with Our Ortholog Assays

Covering more than 40 nuclear receptors and six species, INDIGO’s ortholog portfolio enables researchers to assess drug-specific differences between their animal model and humans accurately.

Select the most representative human-surrogate model for your trial and retrospectively gain insight into previous animal studies.

Perform cross-species comparisons efficiently, and confidently move to in vivo or clinical trials!

Drug Lead for Your Disease-Specific Research

Select The Best Drug Lead for Your Disease-Specific Research

Screen your therapeutic candidates with INDIGO’s cell-based receptor assays, specifically suited for your target disease.

Explore INDIGO’s assays by disease state target, including:

Get accurate and reproducible results and gain insights into the underlying mechanisms of your disease of interest fast.

Easily Access Nuclear Receptor Profiling Data Through Functional Classifications

Screening a compound’s entire nuclear receptor profile provides crucial information on its efficacy and toxicity. Still, it can become overwhelming, considering receptors' involvement in many cellular functions such as development, reproduction, and metabolism.

To facilitate the profiling process, nuclear receptors can be grouped according to their functional characteristics:

  • CNS, Circadian & Basal Metabolism
  • Lipid Metabolism & Energy
  • Reproduction & Development
  • Xenobiotic & Bile Acid Metabolism

With INDIGO's nuclear receptor profiling, following the functional classification principle, you can understand a compound's on-target and off-target effects and potential liabilities on overlapping nuclear receptor pathways and functions easily.


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I think if we had gone with anyone else, we would still be running assays rather than having confidence in the data that we've gained with INDIGO.


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