Environmental Monitoring & Testing Assay Kits

Unleash the power of rapid bioactivity evaluation and toxicity assessment for environmental testing applications.

With INDIGO’s bioassays, in as little as 24 hours, you can:

Obtain bioactivity data relative to a standard reference compound.

Screen multiple environmental samples simultaneously.

Evaluate potential toxicity relative to maximum tolerated level (MTL).

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Protect Health and Ecosystems with INDIGO's Bioassays for Environmental Testing

INDIGO’s effect-based bioassays for environmental testing help scientists working in environmental toxicology and water quality protect human and environmental health.

Evaluate the biological effects of individual compounds or complex mixtures of contaminants, such as those that may exist in wastewater, recycled water, and surface water. Screen for bioactivity from known contaminants such as estrogen-, androgen-, and dioxin-like compounds. Evaluate activity from unknown substances or complex mixtures of contaminants, such as those that may exist in various environmental matrices.

INDIGO’s environmental testing assays share a standardized workflow, so scientists—even those unfamiliar with cell-based assays—can move easily from one assay to another when evaluating an environmental sample’s effects on multiple receptors. Assay data allows you to assess a sample’s bioactivity compared to an established effect-based trigger value for a given environmental contaminant.

Environmental Monitoring Assays, Academic Research

Academic Research

INDIGO’s cell-based assays can help inform your research into environmental contamination and its toxicological impacts on human and ecosystem health.

Environmental Monitoring Assays, Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

INDIGO’s environmental testing assays can help water authorities and industrial companies ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements.

Evironmental Monitoring Assays, Chemical Development (1)

Chemical Development

Evaluate the environmental and toxicological effects of newly developed chemicals for industrial and agricultural applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each kit includes luciferase reporter cells, an assay plate, all required reagents (optimized culture media, positive-control agonist, and detection reagent), and a detailed Technical Manual. A luminometer is required for Relative Light Unit (RLU) measurements.

INDIGO's Nuclear Receptor Assay Kits use transiently transfected cells, less prone to genetic drift and batch-to-batch variations. Moreover, they do not require prolonged cell culture, significantly reducing time and contamination risks. Simply thaw the reporter cells, and you are ready to perform the assay. Contact us to learn how our assay kits can fit into your workflow.

Yes. INDIGO’s Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR) and Estrogen Receptor Alpha (ERα) bioassay have been approved by the California Water Boards, State Water Resources Control Board, for use as bioanalytical screening tools for Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs) in recycled water.

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