Panel of Human PPAR Reporter Assays: PPARa, PPARd, & PPARg

each in-1 x-32-96 well format$1125 USD
each in-1 x-32-96 well format

Product Description and Product Data

INDIGO’s Human PPAR Panel (PPAR alpha, PPAR delta, and PPAR gamma) assay kit is an all-inclusive firefly luciferase reporter assay system that includes in addition to reporter cells for each PPAR, optimized growth media, media for diluting test compounds, a control agonist for each PPAR, luciferase detection reagent, detailed protocol, and a protocol quick guide, and a cell culture-ready assay plate in strip-well format so that (if preferred) PPAR alpha, PPAR delta, and PPAR gamma assays may be performed at different times. This panel contains sufficient materials to perform 32 PPAR alpha assays, 32 PPAR gamma assays, and 32 PPAR delta assays, all in a single 96-well plate format.


  • Clear, Reproducible Results

  • All-Inclusive Assay Systems
  • Exceptional Cell Viability Post-Thaw
  • Consistent Results Lot to Lot

Product Specifications

Target TypeNuclear Hormone Receptor
Receptor FormHybrid
Assay ModeAgonist, Antagonist
Kit Components
  • PPARa Reporter Cells
  • PPARd Reporter Cells
  • PPARg Reporter Cells
  • Cell Recovery Medium (CRM)
  • Compound Screening Medium (CSM)
  • GW7647, (ref. agonist PPARa; in DMSO)
  • GW0742, (ref. agonist PPARd; in DMSO)
  • Rosiglitazone, (ref. agonist PPARg; in DMSO)
  • Detection Substrate
  • Detection Buffer
  • White, sterile, cell-culture ready assay plate
Shelf Life6 months
Shipping RequirementsDry Ice
Storage temperature-80C


Target Background

PPAR ligands, whose names derived from their effect on inducing an increase in the size and number of peroxisomes, include hypolipidemic drugs, herbicides, leukotriene antagonists, and plasticizers. Peroxisomes are subcellular organelles found in plants and animals that contain enzymes for respiration and for cholesterol and lipid metabolism. The action of peroxisome proliferators is thought to be mediated via specific receptors, called PPARs, which belong to the steroid hormone receptor superfamily. PPARs affect the expression of target genes involved in cell proliferation, cell differentiation and in immune and inflammation responses. Three closely related subtypes (alpha, beta/delta, and gamma) have been identified.

This PANEL of PPAR Assays utilizes non-human mammalian cells engineered to express the human PPAR proteins: PPARα (NR1C1), PPARδ (NR1C2), and PPARγ (NR1C3).

Also available as a service

Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Alpha, Delta, & Gamma (PPARa, PPARd, & PPARg)